1620 the Zone’s “BIG RED OVER-REACTION”

Omaha’s Official Sports Radio 1620 the Zone brings you a Husker football Post-Game Show designed to give listeners and fans an opportunity to react and respond to the game day performance with Nebraska’s beloved Cornhuskers. “Big Red Over-Reaction” kick’s off after the final gun of each Husker game features immediate fan reaction.  

“Big Red Over-Reaction” is hosted by your favorite 1620 the Zone line-up featuring Gary Sharp and Damon Benning from the morning show on 1620 the Zone as well as “Unsportsmanlike Conduct's”  John Bishop and "Game Time's" Nick Bahe


   JOHN BISHOP               DAMON BENNING                     GARY SHARP


NICK BAHE                    JOSH PETERSON

“BIG RED OVER-REACTION” is your instant platform to react to Husker football games without waiting for traditional post-game programming and commercials to play. We give you Husker fans the megaphone you have been demanding to share their feelings immediately when the game ends.

You need to vent?  Want to rub it in a doubter’s face?  Want to get an unbiased, objective, candid reaction to the game free of fear of university reprisal all with limited commercial interruptions?  “BIG RED OVER-REACTION” is for you!

Call us as the game clock hits
0:00 at (402) 951-1620.  

You can also interact with the show with social media on Twitter or Facebook.  You can E-mail John, Damon, Gary, Nick or Josh or even jump on the message boards at HUSKERMAX.COM.

“BIG RED OVER-REACTION” makes it easier than ever for you to be a part of the show. 


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